TASL Interns- Kelsey Susalla

Kelsey Susalla graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Psychology and was a member of the softball team from 2012-2016. Growing up playing sports and coaching softball camps over her years in college, Susalla loved helping and inspiring girls to chase their dreams, fitting perfectly with the message of The Academy for Sport Leadership. Susalla heard of the TASL internship from her coach at U-M, and after contacting Meg Seng, she thought this opportunity would be great for her.

In the summer of 2017, Susalla helped mostly with the TASL Facebook page, as well as updating the TASL website. Susalla posted on the TASL Facebook page regarding the Future Coaches Camp, shared relevant articles about women in the sports world, and posted inspiring quotes from female athletes. Susalla uploaded, edited, and organized camp documents that were put on the TASL website for previous campers to access. She also reached out to former TASL interns to get information about them and their TASL experience to make individual bios, and created the TASL Intern page on the website.

Susalla has broad interests in terms of a career path. She enjoyed her experiences with marketing, social media, and sports, and wants to continue learning more about these topics. She also plans on continuing to help with University of Michigan softball camps.



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