TASL Interns- Rebekah (Milian) Clementson

Rebekah (Milian) Clementson was an intern for The Academy for Sport Leadership in the summer of 2007. Clementson helped with the preparation for the Future Coaches Camp, and she really valued her internship opportunity with TASL. She learned the value of organization, hard work, and how to work with other people in a school setting. Meg Seng was also a great mentor and coach to her.

Clementson is currently a health and PE teacher at Chesterfield County Schools in Virginia. She is also an ACE-certified trainer and nutrition coach, as well as a health and fitness writer/model for several publications. She also coached cross country, track and softball for several years at Chesterfield County Schools, but has ‘retired’ from coaching to focus more on her family, writing, and her own running/training goals.



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