TASL Interns- Kelsey Auchmuty

Kelsey Auchmuty is finishing up her senior year of college at Eastern Michigan University, where she is pursuing a degree in Sports Performance with a minor in Fitness Entrepreneurship. In high school, Auchmuty attended a small school that did not have the resources to properly coach athletes that other schools had, such as strength and conditioning coach, or special event coaches for the track team. Being a hurdler, Auchmuty had to teach and coach herself, and it wasn't until her junior year of high school that her track team started a lifting program. She fell in love with bettering her body through weight training and became very passionate about lifting. Auchmuty found out about The Academy for Sport Leadership through her professor and coach, Julie Jahn, and fell in love with the message of TASL and knew she wanted to be a part of it.

During her internship, Auchmuty helped with preparing for the Future Coaches Camp. She helped with organization of events, especially those taking place at EMU. Auchmuty is a female coach herself, and really valued the opportunity to work with TASL. Auchmuty loves helping others succeed, and helping someone achieve their goals gives her so much satisfaction.

Auchmuty has come to the conclusion that she wants to continue teaching people about weightlifting, staying in shape, and how to improve their body movements functionally. She works hard to set a good example for those around her, and strives to become the coach she never had. Auchmuty hopes to excite people to become more physically active and live a healthy lifestyle.



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